Ecopetrol S.A. Announce the Composition of its Board of Directors

Ecopetrol S.A. (BVC: ECOPETROL; NYSE: EC) announces the composition of its Board of Directors as of March 31, 2016:

Representatives from the Government of Colombia:

  • Minister of Finance and Public Credit
  • Director of the National Planning Department

Independent representatives:

  • Gustavo Adolfo Carvajal Sinisterra
  • Jorge G. Pinzón Sánchez
  • Jaime Ardila Gómez
  • Carlos Cure Cure
  • Joaquín Moreno Uribe
  • Horacio Ferreira Rueda (representative from the hydrocarbons producing provinces)
  • Roberto Steiner Sampedro (representative of the minority shareholders)

Bogota, March 31, 2016

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